Hostman is a cloud hosting provider for startups and new projects. It helps to get rid of most routine DevOps operations, saving time for developers and money for companies. Hostman employs a services concept to make it easier to develop complex architecture and scale it in one click.

Easy to use

Usually when you start a new project, you have to install a new server on AWS, GCP or Azure. If you're not familiar with these services, the first experience can be quite a headache. It's very complex and not at all intuitive. That's why people even get certificates from a traditional cloud that they can manage.

These are great for enterprise solutions because they have tons of features, but they aren't suitable when all you need is to launch a new project and scale it when you're ready.

Hostman takes everything under its control. You don't have to install and set up the server; Hostman does it for you. At the same time, everything is very transparent. You'll see the actual hardware your application is operating on and the actual load average, so you can assess them if something goes wrong. You also have an SSH inside your Docker container, providing the perfect balance between abstraction and transparency.

Everything out of the box

Have you ever set up an SSL certificate or CDN manually? It's not too complicated, but it does take time.

Hostman saves you that time. Everything you need is done by default. When your app is deployed, Hostman automatically sets up an SSL certificate for all your domains and puts a CDN in place to deliver your content as fast as possible.

Automatic deploy from Git

Yes, you can configure your Jenkins or write your own script for CI/CD, but it's time spent needlessly.

Hostman automates CI/CD, pulling, building and launching code as soon as you push a new commit to the repository.

No vendor lock

Traditional cloud providers love to lock you inside their ecosystem. This makes it difficult or impossible to leave, should you ever want to. Hostman makes it very easy to switch between providers whenever you wish.

Framework support

Some frameworks need more attention than others. If you want to squeeze out the maximal performance from your application, you should use best market practices for the server or process manager you use, system settings, and so on.

Hostman currently supports 22 frameworks, and that number is growing. This means your application will work as fast as possible on the hardware you're paying for.


Traditional cloud providers are known for being super expensive. They serve corporations for whom money is no object. We know startups, and we know that cost efficiency is critical for a startup to survive, so we are passionate about providing you with the best price on the market.