Version: 1.7.26

Liberate your communication

This app packages Element 1.7.26.


Element is for everyone, from casual chat to high powered collaboration. Communicate the way you want with Element - a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

Whether you’re a team, a family, a community.

Whether you’re after one-to-one chats, small private groups, big public ones.

Whether you want to be visible to attract more members, flexible to gather users across different entities and apps, independent and confidential to keep your privacy.

Or if you’re after all of these at the same time. Element is where you’ll feel at home. Join or create rooms per topic, per group, per event.

Decide the level of access control you want to provide (invite only, if one has the link, public), how visible the history should be. Create your own private communities to group your rooms by topic and filter them.

Dark theme or light theme - make Element your own!


  • Choose who you trust with your data
  • Share Files
  • Intelligent Notifications
  • Other Apps, Stickers, Widgets & Bots
  • Bridge other apps and networks
  • Open Source & Open Standard - Open source, and built on Matrix. Own your own data by hosting your own server.