Version: 2021 Week 7

Open source, software development platform

This app packages Phabricator 2021 Week 7.

Phabricator, an open source, software development platform


Phabricator includes applications for:

  • reviewing code before it hits master;
  • auditing code after it hits master;
  • hosting Git/Hg/SVN repositories;
  • tracking bugs or "features";
  • counting down to HL3;
  • expounding liberal tomes of text;
  • nit picking pixels with designers;
  • "project" "manage" "ment";
  • hiding stuff from coworkers; and
  • also other random things, like
  • memes, badges, and tokens.

Serious Tools

Phabricator applications are serious, heavy-duty tools that scale to organizations with thousands of employees.

  • Infrastructure is serious, scalable and secure.
  • Performance is a priority.
  • Even has a serious business mode, for the most serious businesses.
  • See how Phabricator compares to other serious businesses.